Santa Cruz Tallboy – Demo Day 1


Things I thought were good

  • Grease nipples under the bottom bracket where it counts most.
  • The cable routing looks really neat and has another set of lugs for a adjustable seat post.
  • The raw carbon black is very nice.
  • The shape of the frame is (in my mind at least) very pretty.
  • The way the VPP rolls up and forward.
  • The lock outs on the front and rear shock worked well (and well together).

Things I was not so keen on

  • The narrow Easton XC carbon handlebars (but suspect most people will find these wide)
  • The tyre tread on the block 8, luck it is so dry and dusty right now. Also found them prone to punctures later on.
  • Initially at least the 70mm steam seemed a bit short (now not so sure as I ride it more).
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