3.25 Everest’s and 1.2M heart beats

Took a full week off after the Bikefest, this luckily coincided with a few days in London, but left me too tired to consider riding at the weekend. So instead of the usual update I thought I’d take a look at half year stats:

January – June 2011 2010
Distance (miles) 1,370 1,260
Time (hours) 143:29 122:17
Avg. speed 9.6 10.3
Avg. HR (bpm) 141 147
Avg. cadence (rpm) 73.3
TRIMP 11,598 10,261
Climb (m) 28,662 27,938
Downhill (m) 29,144 27,523
Calories 115,835 72,405
No. activities 87 98

Which means I’ve spent 6 full days on a bike, cycled equivalent distance from London to Greece, turned my peddles 631k times this year and climbed 3 1/4 Everest’s while my heart has beat 1.2M times.

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