Period 2 – Week 2


In theory I should have started the Chris Eatough plan last week. I considered scraping the plan and going for something less rigid, but for now I’ll be trying to do as many of his workouts as I can. That means for week 2, 10 hours of training, with a mix of endurance, easy spinning and trail sessions.


A pretty good week overall. I didn’t even look at the plan, but in retrospect, I didn’t do to bad, having got a couple of good road sessions in (easy spin in the morning, tempo with hills on the way home) and a solid skills and hills session at Cwmcarn.

Heard an interesting sound bite on a Radio 1 with Vernon Kay interviewing James Cracknell, they were doing a phone in on training. James mentioned that in running at least, you need to train faster than you race (with intervals of course), and that seems to make sense this is the first year I tried to do some “base” training, and it has been a total waste of time. So next year I’m considering just reducing the volume not the intensity.

Been drinking Beetroot juice in the mornings, there are so many factors that make for a good week, so can’t say for sure it does anything more than make your wee pink, but still I’ll keep trying it for a while yet.


22/03/2011 06:53:47 Cycling Commute: Northend

A big ride in, weather was nice, and felt strong … all good.

  • Time 1:04:15
  • Distance 16.77 mi
  • Average Speed 15.7 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 154 bpm (79%)
  • Average Cadence 76 rpm
  • TRIMP 118
  • Temperature 7.1 °C

22/03/2011 18:03:59 Cycling Commute: Northend

Went for high cadence on the bike path and paid the price as I bonked in Bath. Just felt empty, but legs were fine, so was able to ride through it and up the big climb without too much problem. Good to push the endurance limits, shame they are so easily pushed!

Note to self: Forgot to start Garmin so had to edit values.

  • Time 1:15:14
  • Distance 16.76 mi
  • Average Speed 13.4 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 146 bpm
  • Average Cadence 78 rpm
  • TRIMP 100
  • Temperature 13.2 °C

25/03/2011 07:13:06 Cycling Commute: Northend

Slight sore throat, but starting to feel the legs coming back. Weather is still great, a bit chilly but the winter layers are starting to come off which always helps the legs spin better. Enjoying the mix of country lanes, bath city and cycle path to the office.

  • Time 1:03:16
  • Distance 16.79 mi
  • Average Speed 15.9 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 147 bpm
  • Average Cadence 78 rpm
  • TRIMP 95
  • Temperature 5.1 °C

25/03/2011 18:07:19 Cycling Commute: Northend

Temptation on Friday is always to go for a beer after work, so ride home has to be good to beat that. With the glorious weather and legs (and more importantly the lungs) are coming back to full fitness.

  • Time 1:12:02
  • Distance 16.76 mi
  • Average Speed 14.0 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 149 bpm
  • Average Cadence 77 rpm
  • TRIMP 114
  • Temperature 14.0 °C

27/03/2011 09:24:58 Training Wales: Cwmcarn

I thought I’d go early to beat the crowds, but even with the clocks going forward the car park was half full by the time I started. Really good to get the Tallboy out of hibernation, with the fast Small Block 8 tyres on. Needed to fettle the breaks and grips a bit to suit the new “wrist down” riding style I’ve been trying (with some success).

  Lap 1 Lap 2
Climb 00:34:25 00:32:47
Downhill 00:28:15 00:26:18
Total 01:02:40 00:59:05

On the first lap got totally thrashed on the downhill by a guy doing a fast lap, he managed 48mins, something I hope to do later this year, from what I saw in the distance the key was peddling all the downhill, he wasn’t massively faster on the ups. With this in mind, things did improve on the 2nd lap, where I just squeezed under the hour, but suspect the improvement on the climb made the most difference.

  • Time 2:06:44
  • Distance 16.23 mi
  • Average Speed 7.7 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 161 bpm
  • TRIMP 272
  • Temperature 8.3 °C

Next Weeks Plan

Mon Local Loop via Shoe 1h  
Wed Northend Easy 1h Northend Tempo 1.5h
Fri UK Bike Skills 4h?  
Sat North Wraxall Loop x2 4h  
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