Having a blast at Builth Wells

Given my last event was the Winter Challenge back in frosty January the weather for this event couldn’t have been more of a contrast. In a word gorgeous. I always enjoy the drive to Builth Wells, reminds me of driving back to Aberystwyth.

As ever the crowd was a little overwhelming, I’m guessing the field must have been around 1,000 starters. People criticise the long road section but it does the job of splitting the field, and while watching my heart rate closely I soon found my own position with in it.

Nice change to the route, with the short over camber wood section coming straight after the big climb. I find a real improvement on this section, with words from Jedi fresh in my ears about looking and foot placement. His skills session also helped later when pumping the trail for speed.

Stopped twice for water, food and a bit of chain tlc. The last down hill section (before the quarry) was a blast, was going fast then took a wrong turn!


Finally the event finished with a new section in the woods, this was great, hope they keep that next year.

The event organisers try hard to avoid turning the event into a race, so it is very hard to get a clear idea of position. I was a little disappointed with the time, I’d have liked to be closer to 4h, with an average speed above 10mph, but in hindsight I really didn’t have my race legs going. Overall it was a great event, with really good changes to the course and weather to match. I had a blast.


04/04/2011 18:04:04 Training Commute: Upton Cheyney

Making good use of the Jedi skills throughout the ride, even on the road sections I practised moving my weight around the bike. Felt back on form with a reasonable time.

  • Time 1:11:29
  • Distance 12.37 mi
  • Average Speed 10.4 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 147 bpm
  • Average Cadence 78 rpm
  • Temperature 11.1 °C

08/04/2011 16:12:39 Cycling Commute: West Littleton

  • Time 0:39:01
  • Distance 9.15 mi
  • Average Speed 14.1 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 156 bpm
  • Average Cadence 88 rpm
  • Temperature 20.4 °C

10/04/2011 10:32:37 Racing Wales: Builth Wells

  • Time 4:38:53
  • Distance 43.08 mi
  • Average Speed 9.3 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 154 bpm
  • Average Cadence 74 rpm
  • Temperature 15.3 °C
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