Packing the tallboy

What you need?

  • 4mm and 5 mm Allan keys for handlebar and seat post clamp.
  • 6mm key for pedals.
  • Tape for securing handlebars and saddle to frame.
  • 2p’s for spacing out the brakes.
  • Wooden spacer for locking out rear triangle.
  • Grease for reassembling bolts.


  1. Remove wheels, let down tyres and put in bag with brake discs facing inwards.
  2. Remove peddles.
  3. Secure brake pads for 2ps.
  4. Remove handlebars from stem and secure against frame.
  5. Remove saddle and secure against frame.
  6. Remove rear mech and secure inside rear triangle.
  7. Place frame in bag. Settle to bottom.
  8. Job done.


  1. Start with the frame, saddle and handlebars. Use grease on the bolts.
  2. Watch the routing of cables on both.
  3. Reassemble rear mech.
  4. Remove 2ps from brakes.
  5. Wheels on and pump up tyres.
  6. Peddles on (don’t forget grease).
  7. Double check everything working.

Other things to Pack

  • Rear mech hanger
  • Tyre patch
  • First aid kit
  • Camera
  • Whistle
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