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Do we need evidence of harm to be a bad manager?

Anyone who works with me will know that I believe the solving problems quickly with the most immediately obvious solution (or perceived best practice) will more often than not lead to long-term damage being done. I’m talking here about managers, consultants, … Continue reading

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#NoEstimates is a good idea

Let’s start by setting the scene. If you’re writing software and the work you are doing is so repetitive that you can estimate effort with some degree of accuracy then “Why Don’t You Just Code Yourself Out of a Job and Go and … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Voting Sucks (at Work)

I’m not talking about politics here. The ins and outs of voting in a modern democracy is well outside the remit of this blog. I’m talking about voting in a work context. Sticky dots on post-it notes, fist of five … Continue reading

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