2011 Training Plan – Step 1 – Determine Season Goals

I’m using The Mountain Biker’s Training Bible by Joe Friel as my starting point for this. I read the book last year, but didn’t make much use of it through the course of 2010. I thought it better to go with the flow for the first year, then use that as a starting point to build on now. So seems sensible to start with Planning a Season. This is my attempt at figuring out my season goals.

Complete the Kielder 100 in under 9h 30m.
OK I’d be happy to just finish. So this one might be too hard (a dream?) but based on this years results if it was possible I would be placed high in the male vet category. Needs average speed of 10.5 mph. Do need to find out more about the course and what to expect. Might be hard in the rain.

22 laps at the 12h Kona Bristol Bikefest
An average laptop of 33mins? I did the 6h solo this year and managed 10 laps, that’s a 36 min average. It would put me very high up the leader board based on last years Old Git results. Again rain could make this a hard objective to hit.

Feel fast and fit in a January
Ideally this will be the SPAM Winter Challenge, but any event around this time would do. This is all about carrying the fitness through from this year, and making sure Christmas does good things in terms of relaxation and recovery.

2 Flying Laps of Cwmcarn Twrch Trail in less than 1h 40m before I’m 40.
This year I managed 1h 50m, so shaving off 5 minutes per lap before mid April seems like it should stretch me nicely.

Keep up with mates on the downhill’s while at Basque MTB
This goal is here because I have a tendency to focus on fitness at the expense of skills, so this goal should help redress the balance.

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2 Responses to 2011 Training Plan – Step 1 – Determine Season Goals

  1. Dave says:

    Like the goals, you’re getting really organised! I’m just thinking mine through now 🙂 although i have a training plan. My “tip” to throw into the ring would be to add some strength sessions to augment your long slow twitch bike sessions and possibly some stretching (for the long term!). Feel like chucking in a few upper body workouts? some running sprint intervals with pushups, situps, squats, dips set every half mile works for me. Yoga is great for stretching and i think is essential for any biker. http://competitivecycling.blogspot.com/ she does it 🙂 http://twitter.com/lancearmstrong/status/6174843646 he does it… but i would avoid the yoga where you have to sing 😉
    Swimming is also great for all over body strength, endurance and lung function, try 750m once or twice a week. Broken into 200m sets if its easier.

  2. gothandy says:

    Dave thanks for the ideas! I need to get on and do my limiters and training objectives next. Definitely want to add some strength workouts to the plan. Hadn’t thought about Yoga!

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