Training Diary (2010 P3 W4)


At this stage I’m still putting the overall training plan together for 2011, so the next few weeks are just about getting back into the winter training/commuting. Dealing with dark, rain, wind and ice mostly. The rides are about trying to go as fast as possible while keeping the heart rate as low as possible. This is also my first attempt at a weekly diary entry.


Overall a good week. Managed a solid two day block at the beginning of the week. However weather get really bad latter on and I cancelled a ride based on the high winds and generally grotty weather. This did mean I added in a ride to Cwmcarn on Sunday, and had fun on my single lap. Finished the week with a lovely full body massage, a birthday present from the darling wife, it only took half a year to redeem it! Need to watch my hamstrings and knots in my right shoulder apparently, so will try some stretching to help with this.

  Target Actual
Count: 6 rides 5 rides
Time: 04:30:00 04:14:29
Distance: 75 miles 57.29 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,571 m
Average Speed: 13.5 mph
Average Heart Rate: 150 bpm 151 bpm
Average Cadence: 90 rpm 89 rpm


Monday 8th Nov 7:56 AM – Home to Work

Lying in bed the weather sounded awfully wet and windy, and while here was a lot of water on the road it wasn’t too bad. Focused on keeping cadence between 90 and 100 and HR low.

Time: 42 min 47 sec
Distance: 12.37 miles
Elevation Gain: 194 m
Average Speed: 17.3 mph
Average Heart Rate: 148 bpm
Average Cadence: 91 rpm
Perceived Exertion: 6
Weather: Wet & Windy

Monday 8th Nov 5:48 PM – Work to Home

Time: 00:52:33
Distance: 12.29 miles
Elevation Gain: 365 m
Average Speed: 14.0 mph
Average Heart Rate: 150 bpm
Average Cadence: 90 rpm
Perceived Exertion: 6
Weather: Wet & Windy

Tuesday 9th Nov 8:01 AM – Home to Work

Time: 00:42:20
Distance: 12.29 miles
Elevation Gain: 214 m
Average Speed: 17.4 mph
Average Heart Rate: 143 bpm
Average Cadence: 88 rpm
Perceived Exertion: 5
Weather: Wet & Windy

Tuesday 8th Nov 5:52 PM – Work to Home

Time: 00:54:20
Distance: 12.28 miles
Elevation Gain: 367 m
Average Speed: 13.6 mph
Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm
Average Cadence: 89 rpm
Perceived Exertion: 6
Weather: Wet & Windy

Sunday 14th Nov 10:21 AM – Cwmcarn Twrch

Very wet on the trail, but weather was OK. Took the tallboy with 2.4 mountain kings, not fast but good for roots/rocks and downhill bits. Not a great time, suspect I was slow on the initial climb (35 mins compared to 30 mins best), did get my mojo back in places, but downhill also slow (27mins compared to 24mins best) but did do the freeride bit rather than airstream.

Time: 01:02:28
Distance: 8.06 miles
Elevation Gain: 432 m
Average Speed: 7.7 mph
Average Heart Rate: 164 bpm
Average Cadence:
Perceived Exertion: 7
Weather: Clear and cold
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