Base Period 1 – Week 8


Target this week is 7h. Should have been getting the base miles in.


Given the mess last week, decided to take things really easy and do no commuting this week. The one ride was on the Sunday giving me a good 12 days without any riding since the last time I turned a peddle.

Morning sky

On the positive side, everywhere looks very water logged, so not sure I’ve missed much in the way of decent off road riding.

Looks like I missed out on the Wentworth Goshawk Challenge with my dithering (only 300 places used up quickly). Not sure it would have been a great idea, but lesson learned about entering things early enough.


27/02/2011 10:54:01 Training Local: Road Loop

Weather sunny before I set off, clouding over but rained stayed off. Took it easy, focusing on breathing. Trying to breath through my nose so to let my chest recover. Seemed like a useful exercise.

  • Time 1:30:09
  • Distance 18.78 mi
  • Average Speed 12.5 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 142 bpm
  • Average Cadence 74 rpm
  • TRIMP 131
  • Temperature 6.9 °C
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