A quiet week before the holiday

Only managed one day on the bike, but with prospect of 5 big days coming up not a big problem. I’ve moved Sunday’s ride into next weeks report.


03/05/2011 07:35:14 Cycling Commute: Bannerdown

Chilly start to the ride, but sun soon got me warmed up and I removed the waterproof outer layer at the first sign of a hill. Still really enjoying the Bannerdown bridleway section, and fighting the urge to explore the more cheeky looking trails. Fun to meet the family doing the school run as I headed over Lansdown, and someone let me cross the road, double bonus.

  • Time 1:12:46
  • Distance 16.09 mi
  • Average Speed 13.3 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 145 bpm
  • Average Cadence 78 rpm
  • Temperature 5.5 °C

03/05/2011 17:46:19 Training Commute: Northend

  • Time 1:10:54
  • Distance 13.85 mi
  • Average Speed 11.7 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 145 bpm
  • Average Cadence 83 rpm
  • Temperature 16.1 °C
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