Is two days enough?

Just two days riding this week. Mostly due to a busy time at work.


04/07/2011 07:32:03 Cycling Commute: Bannerdown

Monday morning after a big Sunday I don’t normally ride, but I really had to get the miles in this week as next week is family hols and a week off, but I’m glad I did because I did feel good. Feeling the benefit of the Rocket Ron’s.

  • Time 1:07:04
  • Distance 14.24 mi
  • Average Speed 12.7 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 132 bpm
  • Average Cadence 80 rpm
  • Temperature 12.1 °C

04/07/2011 19:13:15 Cycling Commute: Bannerdown

Good to ride home the off road way. Still feeling strong which is a good sign. Tried hard to clear the bannerdown bridleway and with new tyres I got further than usual.

  • Time 1:05:12
  • Distance 13.48 mi
  • Average Speed 12.4 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 145 bpm
  • Average Cadence 80 rpm
  • Temperature 21.3 °C

05/07/2011 07:45:21 Cycling Commute: Bannerdown

3rd day in a row, and with the rest of the week looking busy, this was going to be the last ride before the holiday.

  • Time 1:05:46
  • Distance 14.25 mi
  • Average Speed 13.0 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 133 bpm
  • Average Cadence 76 rpm
  • Temperature 14.9 °C

05/07/2011 18:11:47 Cycling Commute: Bannerdown + Cycle Path

Took it easy with the cycle path to avoid the 1st big climb.

  • Time 1:03:07
  • Distance 14.12 mi
  • Average Speed 13.4 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 136 bpm
  • Average Cadence 83 rpm
  • Temperature 16.4 °C
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