Countdown to Kielder 100

Just 3 weeks to go now before my big event of 2011, the Kielder 100. This will be the first time I’ve ever ridden this far, and with one week of training left before the taper I’m not going to be much fitter than I am now.

So is that fit enough?

Using the highlevel month view of my training log it certainly looks like I’ve done a lot more useful training on the bike than I did this time last year.  My target then was the Afan Monster, a 100k event and the level of fitness then gave me a good time.


Looking in a bit more detail, in the last 3 months, I’ve done some good periodization, even though work and family commitments have meant adopting a rather unorthodox 5 week cycle. It was a shame that the Afan Monster was cancelled this year due to tree fungus, that would have been a nice last bit of race training. Also looks like I don’t have any problem with resting on my rest weeks.


So what is left to do?

With one rest week just finished and 3 left to go, it leaves me with an awkward amount of time to fill. I think at this stage my best approach will be to break the remaining time into two 10 day blocks. The first for endurance training, and making any remaining tweaks to bike setup and the 2nd for tapering before the event, getting the bike serviced and getting kit sorted.

Endurance training will consist of mostly long commutes of around 1.5 hours and making sure I get out Saturday and Sunday next weekend.

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