2011 Training Plan – Step 2 – Establish Season Training Objectives

Start with my Mountain Biker Assessment form from the Joe Friel book.

Race Ability Profile

Ability Rating Objectives to Improve
Race endurance 4 Moving from 4h to 6h events in 2010 to 12h in 2011. So will need to work on this.
Fast starts 2 Given the focus on 12h events not sure how important this is for me.
Finish sprints 2 As above, with 12h events not sure this is critical.
Short climbs 3 Will do training around these to ensure they don’t catch me out. Useful for Ashton Court.
Long climbs 4 Definitely an area to look at, will be focusing on power to weight to help improvement here.
Fast, single-track descents 4 Practise makes perfect!
Dealing with mud 3 Get out in it!
Riding on roots, rocks etc. 3 BasqueMTB trip should help improve technical skills.
Clearing obstacles 3 Skills session with UK Bike Skills should help this (and one above), let’s hope this old dog can be taught some new tricks!

Natural Abilities Profile

Ability Rating Objectives to Improve
Strength 3 Do more off the bike workouts.
Speed 1 Focus Base training on this area.
Endurance 4 Fit in more longer rides where possible.

Mental Skills Profile

Ability Rating Objectives to Improve
Motivation 3 Getting this plan right should help keep motivation high.
Confidence 4 Improving with experience.
Thought habits 3 Stay positive!
Focus 3 Surprised this score was low, but will watch for letting things drift too much.
Visualization 4 Not something I’ve considered before, good score but with some thought should be able to improve.

Miscellaneous Factors

Ability Rating Objectives to Improve
Nutrition 4 Working hard to watch what I eat.
Technical knowledge 4 Just make sure I can do the essential stuff for a 12h race. Quick change of brake pads might be important.
Race strategy 3 Really need to watch the HR at the start of races, keep in the right zone. Also watch food/water strategy on the longer races.
Body composition 3 Monitoring body fat levels and diet.
Support of family 4 Make sure I stay happy and engaged when I’m not on a bike! Their support is critical.
Race experience 3 Do more racing?
Tendency to over train 4 Will try some new software to monitor training levels more closely. Will also improve my recovery ride technique.
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