2011 Training Plan – Step 3 to 4 – Hours and Races

Step 3 – Set Annual Hours

In 2010 I did 240 hours on the bike. Which ever way I look at the Joe Friel guidelines this seems on the low side. It also averages out at 4.5 hours a week, well below the Time Crunched Cyclist 6 hours.

I think given my overall objectives that 300 hours for the year feels like a reasonable increase. While this is a 25% increase (Joe Friel in his book recommends between 10% and 15%), given the guidelines I don’t think it is excessively ambitious.

Step 4 – List and Prioritize Events

Using the list of Events I keep updated here are what I’m keen on doing this year.

Priority A

So two of these are part of the overall objectives, but it seemed to make sense to add in the Set 2 Rise as it is only a week before the Bikefest and I should in theory be racing fit.

Priority B

All events I like the look of, and are pretty local.

Priority C

Nothing too serious, but handy events to do if weather and fitness allow.

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