Base Period 1 – Week 1


Not the best start to 2011, I really let things slip on the planning, and this meant I was playing catch up. I just about figured out that for my target of 300h for the year, I needed to do at least 5 hours this week, once I’d done a bit more work on the plan it turned out the figure was 6, too late then to make up the difference.

Anyway lesson learnt. I need to plan my weeks ahead and in general this year be commuting 3 days a week if possible for everything except rest/recovery weeks.


05/01/2011 07:55:07 Training Commute: Bitton

Still doing planning. So needed to get out on the bike today to hit the weeks target of 5h. Did my best to stay in Zone 1, and pretty much managed it. Felt better for it.

  • Time 0:36:16
  • Distance 9.12 mi
  • Average Speed 15.1 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 138 bpm
  • TRIMP 45
  • Temperature 5.2 °C

05/01/2011 18:03:04 Training Commute: Bitton

Slow ride home, try hard to keep in Zone 1. The hills are hard, best I can do on the Zaskar with the road set up is Zone 3. But does confirm the final hill will make a great point for doing Z3/4 intervals, might try some later in the week.

  • Time 0:40:20
  • Distance 9.14 mi
  • Average Speed 13.6 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 148 bpm
  • TRIMP 63
  • Temperature 5.1 °C

07/01/2011 08:27:25 Training Commute: Bitton

Didn’t manage to keep in Zone 1 as planned, rode more on instinct than by watching the HR. Probably because weather was wet and rainy.

  • Time 0:33:47
  • Distance 9.13 mi
  • Average Speed 16.2 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 144 bpm
  • TRIMP 42
  • Temperature 3.0 °C

07/01/2011 18:10:18 Training Commute: Bitton

Training Commute Bitton 07-01-2011, Heart rate - Time

Managed to get in 3 x 2.5 min hill climbs (Zone 4) with 1.5min rest. Felt good on all the efforts and the graph looks pretty.

  • Time 0:50:44
  • Distance 10.31 mi
  • Average Speed 12.2 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 147 bpm
  • TRIMP 73
  • Temperature 8.9 °C

09/01/2011 12:25:16 Training Local: Road Loop

I had the grand parents over so needed to keep this session short and sweet. I used my now favourite road loop but added in some hill repeats on the two decent hill sections. The longer hill between Slaughterford and Thickwood makes a great interval, 6 minutes to climb in Zone 3. Unfortunately my final interval was spoilt by some horses going slow down the hill. I did feel strong at the beginning of the ride, the days recovery must help.

  • Time 1:40:59
  • Distance 21.66 mi
  • Average Speed 12.9 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 143 bpm
  • TRIMP 128
  • Temperature 5.7 °C
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