Base Period 1 – Week 2


Target this week is for 6 hours from 7 rides. Commuting Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. With final ride on either Saturday or Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday will be about keeping the endurance going from the ride on Sunday. Hopefully I won’t over train, and be ready for a few intervals of some sort on Thursday.


Managed to get the miles in this week. With a solid 6:25 of riding, and 74 miles done. The 2 rides at the beginning of the week following the Sunday ride was a bit much. Will try and avoid triple days until much later in the year, and then only used with caution.

Weather was shocking, so pleased I kept at it. Found a good road route via Bath. I can see me using that until the Lansdown offroad option dries off a bit.


10/01/2011 07:55:34 Training Commute: Bitton

Early start, and pretty pleasant ride in.

  • Time 0:35:16
  • Distance 9.12 mi
  • Average Speed 15.5 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 137 bpm
  • TRIMP 33
  • Temperature 5.7 °C

10/01/2011 18:29:22 Training Commute: Bitton

Awful weather. Also feeling the effects of the Sunday work out. Took it very easy. But did do the last hill in a slightly higher gear and standing up, which was a bit different. Days like this I always think of as mental work out as it is just so horrid.

  • Time 0:42:32
  • Distance 9.12 mi
  • Average Speed 12.9 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 146 bpm
  • TRIMP 62
  • Temperature 7.3 °C

11/01/2011 08:20:42 Training Commute: Bitton

Uber slow ride in. Made a real attempt to stay in Zone 1, because I was feeling on the edge of over training. It felt good after and looks like I’ll need rides like this to get the training hours/miles up, at least to start with.

  • Time 0:38:30
  • Distance 9.12 mi
  • Average Speed 14.2 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 131 bpm
  • TRIMP 17
  • Temperature 7.1 °C

11/01/2011 18:31:44 Training Commute: Bitton

Again very slow ride home. With the climbing, it is hard to stay in Zone 1 but will try and cultivate these “fast slow” rides, and look to increase speed without making HR go up.

  • Time 0:42:49
  • Distance 9.13 mi
  • Average Speed 12.8 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 139 bpm
  • TRIMP 44
  • Temperature 4.6 °C

13/01/2011 08:42:21 Training Commute: West Littleton

It was raining and flooded everywhere. Ended up wading knee deep through a river that had burst it’s banks just before Doyton. Surprised how little my feet and legs suffered afterwards, the overshoes work well.

  • Time 0:54:25
  • Distance 12.25 mi
  • Average Speed 13.5 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 140 bpm
  • TRIMP 57
  • Temperature 11.2 °C

13/01/2011 17:54:47 Training Commute: Northend

This was a new route, I was looking for some extra distance without the excesive number of hills I get by going over Lansdown. Also the Bristol Bath cycle path is good for low intensity cruising or more control intervals. This is also the route I’ll be taking for the new house so just wanted to check out how the new commute will feel.

  • Time 1:17:16
  • Distance 16.74 mi
  • Average Speed 13.0 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 140 bpm
  • TRIMP 80
  • Temperature 11.8 °C

16/01/2011 11:39:53 Training Wales: Cwmcarn

It took some will power to get out today. Mostly due to the weather but some of it was me feeling a little off colour too.

Couldn’t believe how busy the car park was given the weather. Didn’t take me long to realise my seat post had seized up on the Prophet. So had to do the route in saddle down mode, guess that’s better than the alternative. Had a silly off on the last technical bit of climbing, which was made worse by my foot staying in the cleat. I did notice the advantage of the 26” wheels on some of the turns, interesting riding the 29’’ has improved my skills in this area.

Really enjoyed the free-ride berms (still can’t do much with the table-tops) and all the downhill sections. Need to use the Prophet more this year, especially for low intensity skills sessions.I did decide I need to get some low profile flats and decent shoes for the Prophet, not only because of the silly fall but also I’m hitting the chunky mallets a lot.

Had trouble getting the layering right, always seem to boil on the climb, so had a couple of short stops. Also need to watch going to crazy on the climbs. Bit of a bonus ride, I’m glad I made the effort.

Now to fix the saddle!

  • Time 1:14:00
  • Distance 8.15 mi
  • Average Speed 6.6 mph
  • Average Heart Rate 158 bpm
  • TRIMP 159
  • Temperature 10.9 °C
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